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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kindle Voyage: With the best e-reader, old eyes can do new tricks | Page 2 | ZDNet

"However, if you have any kind of eyestrain issues at all, if you fidget with the head positioning on the subject with your progressives or bifocals to get the right level of sharpness, if you perceive any level of fuzziness when you read whatsoever, then do yourself a favor and just get the Voyage.

Because while I can read with a Paperwhite no problem, and it's a pleasurable experience, the Voyage comes that much closer to creating the suspension of disbelief that while I am reading, I am not old and decrepit and I don't need $750 glasses to help me read.

I also find that when I read with it, the font doesn't need to be as blown up so large, so I don't have to turn pages

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Sold, right? Ok. A couple more things.

The Voyage is about the same weight as the Paperwhite, about six ounces without a case on it. Which is to say it's effortless to pick it up one handed. Both of the devices have excellent build quality."

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