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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

How Microsoft Always Seems To Be Behind Apple | Mac360

Way back in the day, Apple created the Mac and Mac OS, an easier way to compute. It took Microsoft 10 years of trying, and the result was Windows 95, and Apple dangling from a cliff.

Microsoft copied Apple’s Mac OS as much as it could. Bill Gates knew the future was the GUI.

Apple without Steve Jobs languished and nearly died. Microsoft won. Apple lost. Steve Jobs returned. Microsoft went to sleep while Jobs and Apple invented the future of personal computing– mobile devices to use, love, and cherish.

From the time Steve Jobs cut a financial deal with Microsoft and locked in Office for Mac for a few years, Microsoft fell asleep. After all, who was left to copy? Apple was near dead.

Then, in short order, almost as if on a schedule, Apple invented the future of mobile devices. Classy stores with well arranged products to be demonstrated, touched, held, and purchased.

More Disruptions
Then along came the iPod. The iTunes Music Store. The iPhone. The iPhone App Store. The iPad.

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