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Friday, May 10, 2013

Why the Nexus 7 succeeded where others failed

The Nexus 7 is the most popular pure Android tablet available. How do I know? Well, data compiled by Handset Detective and a bit of clever maths by analyst Ben Evans are certainly strong indicators. But also, everyone and their mother seems to have one. Especially in the U.S., but other markets have also been strong supporters.
I'd even say that the Nexus 7 deserves a decidedly corpulent chunk of credit for giving the overall Android tablet market a boost. Yes, Amazon found success with the first version of the Kindle Fire, but the lack of expected tablet features (no camera, no volume button) and an intentionally closed-off OS left those looking to do something more than watch movies, TV shows, or read books, unsatisfied.

Why the Nexus 7 succeeded where others failed

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