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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Safari 5 Supports Asian Video Sites That previously Required Internet Explorter

I just happened to try to view one of my wife's favorite Chinese video sites that always required Internet Explorer to view.  Previously it did not work on any Mac supported browser including Safari 4, Firefox 3.5 or Chrome 5.  To my surprise these sites are now viewable using Safari 5.  Here is an example of a popular Chinese video site which is supported by the new version of Safari;  If you have a Mac and have been forced to run Windows on your machine, in order to use Internet Explorer, to view Asian websites try Safari 5.   It is, in my opinion, a much better browser than Internet Explorer 8.  It is much faster, rarely if ever crashes and implements tabs in a far superior way.  It is built on the same webkit engine that underlies the Chrome 5 architecture.  By the way these sites are also viewable on the Windows version of Safari 5.

John H. Armwood

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