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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pocket PC Addict - Home

Pocket PC Addict - Home

Attention T-Mobile US customers! Not all is lost. Big daddy Deustche Telekom still loves you!

T-Mobile US finally gets some devices or interest. Smile Coming February 2006 T-Mobile US will be picking up the MDA Pocket PC Phone (HTC Wizard) and the SDA Smartphone (HTC Feeler) that have been popular in Europe. Pre-Order yours today!

T-Mobile MDA Handheld

The new T-Mobile MDA is a messaging powerhouse, with a full keyboard that slides in the sleek device. It offers messaging options from simple text and instant messaging to powerful picture and video messaging. Plus the T-Mobile MDA is designed to take advantage of the T-Mobile Total Internet network with GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and the extra speed you need at thousands of T-Mobile HotSpot WiFi locations.

T-Mobile SDA Smartphone

The T-Mobile SDA is a super sleek smartphone that makes it easy to stay connected and organized. With the familiar features of Microsoft Outlook, you can keep your calendar, contacts, and e-mail always up to date and with you on the go... without the bulkiness of a standard PDA.

Now all you iPAQ h6315 users have something to look forward to.

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