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Friday, December 09, 2005

Smartphone Thoughts - Daily news, views, rants and raves

Smartphone Thoughts - Daily news, views, rants and raves:Friday, December 9, 2005
Gartner's Advice: Stop Deploying BlackBerry
Posted by Jerry Raia @ 12:00 PM
"Enterprises should not deploy or invest in Research In Motion's BlackBerry "until RIM's legal position is clarified," market research firm Gartner said this week. In addition, Gartner urged enterprises to demand that Research In Motion (RIM), which has been struggling in a patent action brought against it by NTP, should publicly detail its plans for a workaround should it loose its suit. Besides getting details on the workaround, enterprises should also "carefully review their legal and operational impact," Gartner said in a research advisory."

Gartner has been know to go over the top sometimes. This is a bit different though. The situation with RIM is serious with regard to the number of users affected. I have to admit the thought all those Blackberry things suddenly becoming paper weights make me happy.
Very Happy"

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