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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

T-Mobile Hints At 3G Plans (MobileBurn)

T-Mobile Hints At 3G Plans (MobileBurn)T-Mobile Hints At 3G Plans

Newsbrief by Brad Kellett on Tuesday December 20, 2005.

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In an interview with BetaNews, T-Mobile's senior vice president of Engineering Operations, Neville Ray, hinted at T-Mobile's plans for 3G services. Ray also revealed that the company is currently undertaking 3G testing in some markets, though he would not reveal specific locations.

"We are very hopeful that by the end of 2006, and definitely in 2007, we'd be able to bring 3G services to the market. Some of this is auction dependent," Ray stated, referring to a cellular spectrum auction to take place next summer. The article notes that while Ray does not talk about which 3G technology T-Mobile will be utilizing, it is likely that they will head to UMTS - the same technology used by T-Mobile's sister companies in Europe.

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