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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 - Why choose a Microsoft platform? (for mobile phones and PDAs) - Why choose a Microsoft platform? (for mobile phones and PDAs)Why choose a Microsoft platform? (for mobile phones and PDAs)
September 12, 2005 [General]
Symbian is inferior to Windows Mobile, so obviously one should select Windows Mobile phones, rather than Symbian based - that's our answer... but let's take a look what is Microsoft's answer, that is also much less controversial:

A quote from writings of Marcus Perryman follows.

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Why choose a Microsoft platform?

Microsoft is not new to mobile computing. Windows CE has been in production since 1996 and is a custom built operating system aimed at resource constrained devices. The Windows Mobile platform is built using Windows CE components and enhancements to provide consistent user and developer experience across a wide range of hardware. Microsoft considers mobile computing strategic to the future of the IT industry and an ideal delivery platform for .NET applications and is in the game for the long term.

The latest version, Windows Mobile 5.0 brings improved usability, tighter security, updated Office integration and a vast improvement in the developers experience in conjunction with Visual Studio 2005.

Developers moving from .NET desktop development to the device can use their existing skills to build .NET code on the device using the same Visual Studio 2005 tools with new device specific form designers and hi-fidelity device emulators of both Pocket PC and Smartphone devices.

One style of device is not enough to solve every need and suite every taste. Microsoft works with over 40 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) to provide the Windows Mobile software on different shape, style and capability devices while still maintaining the common user and developer experience. Modern mobile hardware is very capable with bright, colour VGA screens, 600Mhz + processors and up to 12GB of storage. Coupled with the full relational SQL Mobile database and tools even the most demanding enterprise application can be brought to Pocket PC and Smartphone devices through SQL 2000 or SQL 2005 merge replication or remote data access.

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