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Friday, July 01, 2005

DigitalCamera@101reviews � Creative Introduces Zen Sleek

DigitalCamera@101reviews � Creative Introduces Zen SleekThursday, Jun 30, 2005
Creative Introduces Zen Sleek
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Creative Introduces Zen SleekCreative has launched an Apple iPod mini lookalike in its latest member of the Zen MP3 players - Zen Sleek

Award-winning Zen family gains a new member featuring a striking design with distinctive materials and textures.

Creative the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for the personal computer and the Internet, announces the exciting new Zen Sleek MP3 player. This compact, high-end player, with large backlit display and touch-sensitive controls, combines sleek, glossy white contours with smooth aluminium, making it ultra-stylish as well as easy to use.

Everyone can enjoy using the Zen Sleek, thanks to the intuitive design of its backlit Touch Pad control which gives natural, one-handed fingertip management of all the player’s functions, even in poor light. It is complemented by the large blue backlit display, which provides all the information users need about tracks, artists, playlists and settings. The Zen Sleek can store up to 10,000 songs* in WMA or 5,000 in MP3, while quick and easy downloads from a PC at up to a song per second are assured by support for USB 2.0. It can also record direct from its built-in FM radio and microphone and offers playtimes up to 16 hours from the rechargeable battery.

“The Zen Sleek is the latest expression of Zen style,” comments Geraldine De Bonis, European Business Manager for MP3 Players with Creative. “Its combination of cutting edge design with the most advanced audio technology makes it a unique and modern statement of excellence. It’s the player for people who want an individual product with outstanding sound.”

The Zen Sleek fits comfortably into the hand for fingertip management of all its powerful features. Output can be adjusted to personal taste via the Equalisation feature, which offers nine acoustic environments. Like other Creative MP3 players, it supports the widest choice of music download services, giving owners easier access to the music they want.

Zen Sleek Features:
· Stunning design, in smooth aluminium and cool white contours.
· 20GB hard disk stores up to 10,000 songs* in WMA or 5,000 in MP3. Also supports WAV.
· Vertical touchpad with LED backlight is quick and intuitive to use, gives total control with fingertip touch.
· Large blue backlit display for access to comprehensive track information and settings.
· FM tuner with 32 presets and direct recording, to capture memorable broadcasts.
· Built-in microphone for live voice recording and personal notes.
· Equalisation feature with nine acoustic environments such as ‘rock’ or ‘jazz’, plus bass boost, enable listeners to customise music to their personal preferences.
· USB 2.0 connection, for downloads at up to a song per second.

*Based on four-minute songs at 64Kbps in WMA, 128Kbps in MP3.


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