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Tuesday, May 03, 2005 - New version of Skype client for Pocket PC released:

New version of Skype client for Pocket PC released:
May 02, 2005 [Pocket PC]
This time the list of new features is small, but yet very crucial:

Skype for Pocket PC

* bugfix: calls between older and newer versions did not work in some rare cases, there may have been silence or noise in both directions

To learn more or just to download (for free) the Skype for Pocket PC click here.

Skype is a revolutionary Voice over IP technology not available for Symbian but available for Windows Mobile. Remember: due to smaller processing power of Pocket PC devices than desktop computers the quality of sound of Skype in Pocket PC is a bit smaller than in regular desktop computers... interestingly the Skype for Pocket PC supports also SkypeIn feature - so that you can receive phone calls on your Pocket PC through Wi-Fi !

Pleas note: Skype is not working in all Pocket PC devices, so next time you buy a Pocket PC PDA or Pocket PC phone, be sure that it fullfills these requirements:

Does Skype for Pocket PC work on all Pocket PC 2003 PDAs?
Yes. However, we recommend that the PDA also be equipped with WiFi and a 400 MHz processor if you want to use Skype for Pocket PC for calling as well as instant messaging.

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