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Thursday, August 26, 2004 - First Look: Danger Sidekick II - First Look: Danger Sidekick II: "First Look: Danger Sidekick II

The one-time World Class Product of the Year PDA gets a much-needed upgrade.
by Grace Aquino, PC World
Thursday, August 26, 2004
Danger's first Sidekick revolutionized mobile Web access by offering a decent-size screen, a usable keyboard, and solid applications--and it won our 2003 World Class Product of the Year Award for its trouble. Two long years later--an eternity in tech time, during which PalmOne's Treo 600 supplanted the original Sidekick in many mobile users' hearts--the Sidekick II is finally here. Fans of the original model will find much to like, but critics of the first aren't likely to be swayed by its evolutionary successor.
Offered by cellular provider T-Mobile and co-developed by Danger and Sanyo, the $300 Sidekick II addresses many user complaints about the first device, including the fact that it made for a lousy cell phone.

After testing an early production sample of the Sidekick II for two weeks, I can report that it works much better as a phone than the original. Voice quality in my informal tests equaled that of a standard cell phone. The unit's speakerphone was good, too, though it needed a bit more volume. Nevertheless, the unit's flat design and relatively large size made holding it against my ear feel awkward--especially during longer conversations (the unit does include an earbud)."

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