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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Gizmodo > Panasonic R3 Notebook Review

One of the great things working at Gizmodo has allowed me to do is to get my hands on a whole range of gadgetry that I probably wouldn't have been able to play around with otherwise. Since I work from home, each ring of the doorbell means there's probably something new coming, so it's a little like Christmas, except when I return the gifts nobody gets pissy. But despite the joy of opening up all the gadgets and trying them out, most of them -- especially the laptops -- end up being disappointing, and I'm rarely too upset to send them back to the vendor and manufacturer.

Not so with the Panasonic R3, a machine so well put-together that I actually considered buying one for my own personal use, and if it didn't cost twice that of my budget (importers are selling it for around $2800 for a fully-spec'd out unit), I probably would have. What makes the R3 the hands-down best sub-notebook I've ever used? Well, for starters, it actually usable.

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