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Monday, August 09, 2004

Brighthand � Toshiba Giving Up Consumer Handhelds

Brighthand � Toshiba Giving Up Consumer Handhelds: "Toshiba Giving Up Consumer Handhelds
Concentrating Solely on Professional Market
By Ed Hardy | Editor-in-Chief
Aug 9, 2004
Over the last several months, there have been conflicting reports about Toshiba's plans for the handheld market.
Sources have told Brighthand that this Japanese company will pull out of this market in the coming months. Also, customers in Europe have reported being told by Toshiba employees that this company is leaving the handheld market.
Recently, however, some Toshiba executives in France told 01net that their company is going to focus entirely on the professional market, and not create any more handhelds for the general public. These executives said nothing about completely leaving the handheld market. "

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