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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Apple MacBook vs. Google Chromebook Pixel - Two Futuristic Computers Battle It Out : PERSONAL TECH : Tech Times

"Both of these computers are computers of the future. The MacBook is, as mentioned, a work of art. It is a fashion statement. The Chromebook, however, is a little more powerful and able to take on more. Both of these computers are great choices, though the MacBook is better as an all-purpose computer with the storage that it offers and the access to Apple's App Store. For those confident that they will be connected to the Internet at least most of the time and who don't need to do anything beyond what Google services can do or what can be done through web-based apps, the Chromebook is a great solution. The MacBook starts at $1,299, while the Chromebook Pixel starts at $999."

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