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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Chancellor Carmen Fariña Changes New York City Schools’ Course -

"Many principals said they felt they were getting more support now than they got under the Bloomberg administration. In interviews, principals cited the emphasis on collaboration among schools, the new professional development programs being offered and the fact that schools are no longer assessed primarily on their students’ test scores as examples of a more collegial, less punitive atmosphere.

“The feeling is less threatening,” said Kenneth Zapata, the principal of I.S. 75 Frank D. Paulo on Staten Island. Although the students at I.S. 75 score better on state tests than the citywide average, Mr. Zapata said the Bloomberg administration’s school report cards put principals in competition with one another because schools received points based on how much their students improved on the tests compared with students at similar schools.

“Not pitting us against each other, but that we’re all in it together, sharing best practices — to me, that’s the one thing that’s changed the most,” Mr. Zapata said."

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