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Friday, January 03, 2014

iPad addiction and withdrawal - why Apple's tablet dominatesAppleTell

“What I probably miss most about the iPad is that I’ve gotten used to computing in a variety of locations around my house that are more comfortable (and, at this time of year, warmer) than sitting in a task chair at my office workstation. I also miss the no-hassle spontaneity of iPad use, even though my new MacBook Air represents a substantial step in that direction thanks to its speedy flash storage drive, Haswell processor, and OS X Mavericks’ efficiency,” Moore writes. “I think it is that quality that explains the massive impact on the IT sector the iPad has had in such a short time. Functionality-wise, I still much prefer using a laptop or desktop personal computer, but even a thin and light unit like the MacBook Air can’t match the ease and simplicity of using an iPad, and why it would be hard to turn back the clock to where we were before Steve Jobs unleashed the iPad on the world not quite four years ago.”

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