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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Apple vs. Samsung: The Secrets To Success | Mac360

One could easily argue that when it comes to premium mobile devices, Apple is Samsung’s research and development arm. I can almost picture Samsung’s R&D building as a colossal copying machine, which takes in Apple’s latest devices and spits out copies with the Samsung logo.

While Apple focuses on a limited line of products with a tightly integrated OS and ecosystem to create revenue and profits, Samsung splatters the market with dozens of devices in all shapes, sizes, colors, and capabilities, itself a somewhat profitable strategy for the technology conglomerate (they make washing machines and televisions, too).

Samsung’s early successes in the modern smartphone and tablet arena were nearly atomic level copies of Apple’s successful iPhone and iPad. That copycat gamble ranged from hardware to software to television commercials and brought about lawsuits, convictions, and fines, which have damaged Samsung’s already tattered public image as a company run by rulers without rules.

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